Our Houses


Our Houses goes behind the scenes, offering a unique insight into Australia’s best residential architecture and the developing relationship between architect and homeowner. The events attract large and diverse audiences, increasing awareness and understanding of the design process and the way architects enhance the way we live today.

Past sessions have included:
Our Houses: Peter Stutchbury Architecture and Arkhefield
Our Houses public talk – Brisbane
Our Houses: Rachel Nolan and Melissa Bright
Food for thought: Our Houses talk

Partnership Opportunities

Our Houses captures the interest of the Houses magazine audience and anyone interested in designing a home. Sessions are held in a variety of interesting venues, such as the Walsh Street House designed by Robin Boyd, design studios and showrooms nationally.


Sponsorship and Events Manager: Nicole Greenwell
Email: nicole.greenwell@archmedia.com.au
Associate Publisher: Jacinta Reedy
Email: jacinta.reedy@archmedia.com.au